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Nifty self deleting messaging service. Pretty much snapchat but no video.

Thirty Years of Mac website

"A few months ago, Apple was one of the last tech compan­ies to hold out on using webfonts. That changed today when they published their online celeb­ra­tion of the Mac’s 30th Anniversary. The webfonts are two weights their custom Myriad, includ­ing their Thin and Ultr­a­light weights. A couple of icon webfonts are also used. Neue Helvetica is used for the “3” logo." by Stephen Coles History of winter games, infographics, medal table, facts, numbers, mascots, medals and much more you would like to know.

Cactus: A better workflow for hand coding websites

"How we designed and built motion into the new Potluck with Framer and Angular.js"


Kevin Sweeney, front-end engineer at vimeo, talks about the small details when designing & coding for web that makes websites run and look better. 


Free online tool lets you create and design 3D objects in CSS.

Try it out here

Pretty nifty web designs by Cosmin Capitanu

Live with 30 seconds to Mars on! This is awesome by the way. Listening to the artists music with them live.

How to use FF Chartwell


Just incase zombie apocolypse happens my good friend Jeff Merrick, over at doejo, created this great Zombie Survival Map with locations for all necessary survival gear for such an even. It uses the Google Places API to pull places within certain categories or matching certain keywords.

The Power of HTML5 & CSS3


Nike 6.0 //

Creative direction and web design by Dann Petty.

More web design inspiration.

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