Light Installation for the Montreux Jazz Festival

from Cauboyz 

This reminds me of “The Aristocrats” and Disney movies from that era. 

Deadmau5 – Live @ home April 06 2014

Deadmau5 – promised he would stream “a live full on techno-actual-good-music set from his lair in Toronto. And did

"A comfortably wild ride for fans of downtempo hip hop and classic soul, this tasteful audio collage constructed by producers Louie Christ and Franz the Terrible is the perfect danceable chillout mix for both your next grillout and cocktail party; a smooth blend of modern technology and retro analog gold to provide the listener with a pleasing auditory experience perfect for any time and situation that calls for a higher caliber of good taste in musical selection."

7L & Esoteric – 3 Minute Classic


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Elliphant - Revolusion

First Listen: The War On Drugs, ‘Lost In The Dream’

Now Streaming on NPR

Supreme Cuts - Envision ft. Channy of Poliça

Beautiful work done by Braden Lee


Another cool A$$ video from the guys at Elepath promoting their App Keezy

Jasmin Kaset - ‘Quiet Machine’ Full Album Preview

Listen to the new Jasmin Kaset album, in its entirety, a week before it’s released. Thanks to Doug Lehmann, Josh Lagerson and Fort Houston for helping to make this happen and to all of Jasmin’s family and band members that came out to give the album a proper listen.

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Totally Tubular Music Tuesday continues… with

Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing (Kygo Remix)