Milk & Honey is a breakfast, lunch, craft coffee and gelato shop in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Local, high-quality, homemade and, most importantly, real- the Milk & Honey brand was a dream project in every sense of the word.

Black and White Logo Collection by Elias Mule

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Identity for Creature. A Seattle-based advertising and graphic design agency.


Alessandra Leone logo animation “Quelque part entre l’abstrait et la figuration”



Identity and branding for Yay Festival; bringing people inspiring talks, live music and great clubbing. Design by Snask.

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<3 Pos vs Neg Space


Swing microbrewery Packaging - Simon Langlois


Brendan Prince


David Sierra   |   http://dsierra.es

“Logo and illustrations for Sugar Mama, an American patisserie located in Santiago de compostela, Spain.”

Freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Bayona, Spain. Focused on graphic design, branding and illustration.

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