wow, this is perfect. <3

A very good Creative Mornings talk on the state of things today.

Australian art director, photographer, and illustrator Domenic Bahmann turns everyday objects into miniature art pieces. 

See more of Domenic’s conceptual creations over at his portfolio below!

Art Created from Everyday Objects

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Mad respect for this guy right here.

Tiny Worlds // Submarine

Several years back, This American Life’s Ira Glass gave an incredible interview with that instantly went viral. 

Daniel Sax created this fantastic rendition of Ira Glass’s inspirational words that’s sure to get your creative juices pumping. 

In a Creative Slump? Watch This

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John Cleese on creativity. If you have a half hour, this is awesome.

one of the best talks i’ve ever encountered on creativity


Zeitgeist 2012: Google’s Year In Review 

Web Design by Lukasz Sokol

Project for: Agencja Interaktywna



i just like the triangles around 2/3s of the circle :D


Inspiration by ManvsMachine.

Great! Want to make something with random flipping colors now O,O