One of the awesome advantages of modern DSLR’s is that many of them have video recording capabilities! That being said, the focusing on some entry level lenses isn’t quite smooth enough for video. 

That’s where the Focus Shifter comes in. It’s essentially power steering for your lens.

The Focus Shifter for Shooting Vid on Your DSLR

via DP Review


Well…the project/series I’ve been editing and working on at work since March has come to and end. Here is the third and final episode of The Great Camera Shootout 2011. Click here, or the link to visit the page to view the video. This last episode is about motion artifacts and color. 

There’s a lot of really interesting information in this series if you are at all interested with different (higher end) video cameras. 

I don’t really know what’s next for me…we’ll see. 

Random irrelevant sidenote: Episode 1 on this show got Emmy nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Informational Programming for the Midwest Chapter of the Emmys. I also got nominated for an Emmy for editing Episode 1. 

*This video will only be somewhat interesting to you if you are a gearhead.


Dan did a very good job at something he hasn’t done before. YAY TEAMWORK!


Vimeo Video School is up today. The Video 101 section is something I spent a lot of time on and via a series of circumstances I kind of ended up in the role of producer, which sounds cool, but it was bizarre. When you’re not really a skilled shooter, editor, or director but you find yourself writing, acting, and making sure everything is getting done you learn a lot. Mainly that you need a lot of other people to make things work, so thanks to everyone who did anything including writing, acting, producing, ignoring, consulting, editing, programming, proofing, yelling, encouraging, and just generally pushing me to do more. I look forward to sleeping now and not being online.

This is super awesome :D