A very good Creative Mornings talk on the state of things today.

http://www.olympicstory.com/ History of winter games, infographics, medal table, facts, numbers, mascots, medals and much more you would like to know.

Imagery from the intro to HBO’s phenomenal new show True Detective

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Kevin Sweeney, front-end engineer at vimeo, talks about the small details when designing & coding for web that makes websites run and look better. 

Bam! OFFF 2014 Teaser! (by OFFF, let’s feed the future)

Wedge & Lever   |   http://wedgeandlever.com

"A self-initiated project exploring the beer and wine category. For the brand story we created a fictitious narrative combined with historical facts from the Salem witch trials. From there we built out the brand and product line by integrating the occult theme into all aspects of this case study."

Pasquale D’Silva - Designing with animation

Check him out http://psql.me/ 

Architect Ricardo Bofill transforms an old shut down cement factory into an incredible masterpiece of recycled architecture including offices, home, studio, library, and hotel. 

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I think a small table like that will be my next project.

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