Hover Effect Ideas: Inspiration for subtle hover effects

"How we designed and built motion into the new Potluck with Framer and Angular.js"

WOW best portfolio website/interactive thing every



The definitive guide to Responsive Web Design by Brad Frost

We launched the blog last week, now Brad’s launched his amazing set of responsive patterns and resources. The patterns are hosted on Codepen.io so you can see and fork the code.

Wow this really has about everything you could ask for.

Really great dashboard UI design and coding. Check this site out. It’s super amazing great awesome cool

The Power of HTML5 & CSS3



When I’m working on a design using CSS3 features, I often worry about how things are looking on older browsers. Sure there’s VMware Fusion or Parallels, but that’s uber clunky for just a quick view of how things are shaping up for older browsers.


deCSS3 is a bookmarklet that lets you get a view of what your site will look like on older browsers that don’t support CSS3.

It doesn’t remove all CSS3 right now, but I’m sure that Dave would gladly accept a pull request. Oh, and BTW, they are looking for collaborators with some regex-fu.

Currently supports: Chrome, Safari

Hit the deCSS3 homepage to get the bookmarklet or fork it on GitHub.

Really cool designed site. As you scroll down a scene unfolds! seriously Check it out!

"Playful experimentation, also known as fumbling in the dark. I hacked this together in stolen moments, based on ideas conceived while drinking saké cocktails and musing about redesigning thismanslife.

View-source of course, but don’t judge the mess I’m rusty. Borrow, don’t steal. Hat-tip to Jon Raasch for the excellent Parallax jQuery plugin “

Thanks for viewing, James Mellers

Mill Touch - Behind the Scenes

Really awesome way to present your work to people. Mill created a 5x3 interactive touch screen from scratch to show their work at the Mill office in New York. The most bad ass part about this is the UX design and coding that went into this. I really want to go play around with it. Looks super dope.


MIT-licensed, imageless, loading spinner which uses CSS3 where possible and falls back to VML for our buddy, IE6. Great little JavaScript project.


Ron DeVera reached out to us a few weeks back to let us know about a new project he’s working on at Mint Digital called AssetHat.

AssetHat is a Rails gem that hopes to make the web a little bit quicker by making front-end assets (CSS, JS and images) load faster (especially on mobile devices). It does the usual magnification and concatenation, but unlike others, AssetHat automatically takes advantage of Google’s CDN and cdnJS for loading common third-party libraries. There’s even a little switch to enable LABjs mode, so you can quickly A/B test to see whether LABjs is right for their site.

Google said it best, “Every millisecond counts. Nothing is more valuable than people’s time.” So do what you can to save your users some time and make your project faster.

Example usage

AssetHat is super-easy to set up for Rails 3 (or even Rails 2.3 with Bundler):

Before AssetHat


<%= stylesheet_link_tag 'reset', 'application', :cache => 'application' %>
<%= javascript_include_tag Rails.env.production? ?
      'http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.6.0/jquery.min.js' :
      'jquery-1.6.0' %>
<%= javascript_include_tag 'plugin1', 'plugin2', :cache => 'plugins' %>
<%= javascript_include_tag 'application' %>


<%= stylesheet_link_tag 'reset', 'admin', :cache => 'admin' %>
<%= javascript_include_tag Rails.env.production? ?
      'http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.6.0/jquery.min.js' :
      'jquery-1.6.0' %>
<%= javascript_include_tag 'plugin1', 'plugin2', :cache => 'plugins' %>
<%= javascript_include_tag 'admin' %>

After AssetHat


<%= include_css :bundle => 'application' %>
<%= include_js  :jquery, :bundles => ['plugins', 'application'] %>


<%= include_css :bundle => 'admin' %>
<%= include_js  :jquery, :bundles => ['plugins', 'admin'] %>

Use a config file to keep your layouts lightweight config/assets.yml:

    application: ['reset', 'application']
    admin:       ['reset', 'admin']
      version: 1.6.0
    plugins:     ['plugin1', 'plugin2']
    application: ['application']
    admin:       ['admin']


Installation and configuration is easy, read the details at their site, or check out the readme for full details.

Learn more

[Source on GitHub] [Homepage]

So I just came across this problem in a recent project when I was using font-face to embed some fonts for a tumblr website. It worked fine in all browsers except for firefox… I tried everything to solve the problem and then turned to google and found this great article about how firefox prevents fonts from loading from another server. Since tumblr is put up on its own server I had to embed the fonts using a base64 encoding to embed the font directly into the css instead of from an outside source… annoying to say the least and a massive amount of code. You can easily get it from fontsquirrel.com for any font you upload.

Pretty cool page flipping motion