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how to quickly cut between cameras in Cinema 4D with the Stage Object


The new camera stabilizer is an amazing piece of equipment. I am literally blown away by how good of a product this is. If you shoot, this is a must watch.

Only problem is that it costs $15K


CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, is going on this week in Vegas, which means new camera announcements!

One of the bigger ones from today was Polaroid’s iM1836, an interchangeable lens camera that runs on Android 4.1!

It’s able to connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and lets you use any Android app you please. It comes with a 10-33mm for $399.

Polaroid Announces Android-Based Interchangeable-Lens Camera


One of the awesome advantages of modern DSLR’s is that many of them have video recording capabilities! That being said, the focusing on some entry level lenses isn’t quite smooth enough for video. 

That’s where the Focus Shifter comes in. It’s essentially power steering for your lens.

The Focus Shifter for Shooting Vid on Your DSLR

via DP Review


OVC Founder Justin, pitches in for this new Vimeo Video School segment - Building a Snorricam

Awesome! See the full build instructions here.

BlackMagic introduces 2.5K Cinema Camera with 12bit RAW for $3000

Wow, I want to see some tests


This seemingly giant time-lapse dolly actually folds up small enough to fit in your bag. That’s some design skills right there.

(Check out the vid to see how it folds up small.)

Giant Time-Lapse Dolly Actually Fits in Your Bag

via NotCot

Can i buy this any where?

iCam - the iPhone 5 Concept Camera

So basically it’s an interchangeable lens camera that your phone would hook into. Pretty great concept. The only thing I could see being an issue is battery power. Hopefully by then though the batteries on our phones will have double the life :) 


The canon C300 is a beast for documentaries. and this video proves it.. clean at 10000 ISO.. makes me wanna go film something..

(Source: nolisuniverse)


Well…the project/series I’ve been editing and working on at work since March has come to and end. Here is the third and final episode of The Great Camera Shootout 2011. Click here, or the link to visit the page to view the video. This last episode is about motion artifacts and color. 

There’s a lot of really interesting information in this series if you are at all interested with different (higher end) video cameras. 

I don’t really know what’s next for me…we’ll see. 

Random irrelevant sidenote: Episode 1 on this show got Emmy nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Informational Programming for the Midwest Chapter of the Emmys. I also got nominated for an Emmy for editing Episode 1. 

*This video will only be somewhat interesting to you if you are a gearhead.

Concept Camera: The WVIL from Artefact on Vimeo.

pretty awesome

"RED is finally bringing a prosumer class camera to bear and it looks like the release is imminent. While certainly not cheap at nearly $5,000 for the “lens and brain kit”, it certainly makes for a compelling alternative to the Canon 5D MK2. The aesthetics on the RED cameras (founded by Oakley’s Jim Jannard) are a little to reminiscent of those MP3 goggles Dog The Bounty Hunter wears but there’s no denying the quality of the output.

All the of RED stuff might as well be vaporware to me, I know it must exist somewhere but I’ve never seen it in person or even heard of anyone owning or using one of their cameras. Here’s a video of someone actually holding (apparently not using though) a Scarlet. I really like the screen configuration. Does anyone around here own or use a RED? Does it live up to the hype? Do you get free MP3 goggles with it?” - iso50


Red Scarlet Fixed Lens Camera - First video of a working Scarlet ! from Tonaci Tran on Vimeo.


Beautiul, small and light camera by Ikonoskop. It shoots RAW FullHD footage with 60fps and has different lensmounts (for example Leica, Canon, Zeiss) and costs around 7000€. Really nice toy!