A very nice tutorial on Particles in Particular

three color expo

by Daniel Tegeland for the 2013 American Photography International Motion Art Award

Great promo spot using Plexus for Carmelo Anthony’s latest Air Jordan release by Somatic.tv

Fab Design & Veracity Colab team up to create this nice promo video.

Going to try “lens distortions” out and see what I see. I know they are trying to sell their product for this little spot, but way over kill on the distortions yikes. Think it would sell better if it was a little more subtle.


What Space Really Looks Like - Nina Geometrieva

Need to create a lil template to use that style of gradient shading/motion inside of after effects. Think it would be pretty easy to do with time displacement. only problem could be the rounding hmmmm


How To Animate a Photo | The 2.5D Effect

So cool, I’m definitely gonna try this.  

I always forget to add objects into the scene to add depth… good tut

Well shit. That would have been good to know before I upgraded…

few i was worried there… anyone running CS6 on Mavericks download Adobe After Effects CS6 patch 11.0.3

Pretty good compositing tutorial on creating some fake rain in AE


OMG the anticipation parts of the animation tho! Killer. Subtle and perfect for preparing my eye for what it is about to see.

Another solid mocha tutorial

My set-up in AE.

Scripts include:  Ease and Wizz, pt_ShiftLayers, LayerRandomShifter, RepositionAnchorPoint, DecomposeText, Wiggler

Also just bought “Plexus” for this project I’m currently working on. It’s awesome, I recommend buying it… I wish I would have purchased it a long time ago…