Siggraph 2014 Rewind - Tomasz Opasinski: Cinema 4D for Movie Poster Design from Cineversity on Vimeo.

Tomasz Opazinski demonstrates how he uses Cinema 4D in the creation of multiple posters for movies, video games and film festivals. You’ll see how Cinema 4D can be used to quickly generate 3D elements that can be integrated into a Photoshop composite for dramatic results.

Recorded Live at Siggraph 2014 in Vancouver, BC Canada

03:06 Oblivion Poster
11:26 Resident Evil: Extinction
12:09 Paris, je t’aime
16:15 Batman: Arkham Asylum
23:12 Rage
25:52 Transatlantyk Film Festival 2011
30:53 Transatlantyk Film Festival 2012
34:07 Plus Camerimage
35:43 Non-commercial Posters
42:46 Experimental Artwork

Creating a cel-style Anime Explosion

Dude is a little bit obsessed with typography


Porco Rosso
One of my favourite Ghibli’s.


Porco Rosso

One of my favourite Ghibli’s.

Need this in my life.

Action Bronson - “Easy Rider” (Official Video)

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Not sure how I feel about this remix… maybe cuz Rez Cowgirl is one of my all time favorite songs. or maybe cuz BassNectar has gotten very weak in recent years.

Perfect for a Rainy Day in Chicago