Tom Misch - The Journey

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Some beautiful typography and signage from Sideshow Sign Co..

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Yes, I did just make a promotional video for a water treatment product for the sole purpose of growing marijuana 😁


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Work by @leolunatic • Istanbul , Turkey by instagrafite

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Camp Firebelly 2014 Call for Applications

Now entering its sixth year, the popular Camp Firebelly–an apprentice offshoot of the do-good graphic design studio Firebelly Design–is now accepting applications for the Summer 2014 program. In line with Firebelly’s motto “Good Design for Good Reason,” the 10-day intensive program is open to ten talented folks “looking to break into the design profession and use their powers for good.” The deadline for applications, including a $250 deposit, is due May 9, 2014.

Camp Firebelly promises non-stop adventure in good design for good reason. We anticipate long days (seriously) and a ton of work. But don’t worry, we know all design and no play makes for stir-crazy campers and crabby counselors. So we’ll have plenty of chances to find inspiration, build camaraderie and develop our creative skills too. There will be secret field trips, surprise guests and a view of the Chicago design community only 9 others will ever say they got to experience.

To learn more and apply for Camp Firebelly 2014 —>

A very nice tutorial on Particles in Particular

Awesome animations!

Light Installation for the Montreux Jazz Festival

from Cauboyz 

This reminds me of “The Aristocrats” and Disney movies from that era.