Not sure how I feel about this remix… maybe cuz Rez Cowgirl is one of my all time favorite songs. or maybe cuz BassNectar has gotten very weak in recent years.

Perfect for a Rainy Day in Chicago

Simian UI Montage


Mercedes-Benz Concept Style Coupé Kinetic Lights 


Mercedes-Benz Concept Style Coupé Kinetic Lights 

(Source: sid766)


Motion Reel of interfaces in Guardians of the Galaxy by Territory

This stuff is always pretty fun. Would like to work on a project one day on some of this stuff

Just signed up for the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride :D

Need to think about what I’ll wear


Friday Free Font 69

Simplifica s a slightly condensed sans-serif typeface featured by an uniform and thin line width. Its high positioned capsheight and ascender favours legibility. A fine, simple and clear font. The font is designed by KAIWA, graphic designer from Luxembourg. 

Download SImplifica free font


Skully: Augmented Reality Motorcycle Helmet

Read about it here

Latinotype Pack of 9 Fabulous Font Families.

This is simple awesome, Mighty Deals have released a bundle of one of my favourites type-foundries: Latinotype. Latinotype is a type-foundrie based on Chile with a team of very talented designers, many of their fonts have been featured here on betype, like the Trend Family which was on of the best fonts of the past year (and is included in this bundle), another one is Four Seasons made it in the list of best fonts and is included in this bundle. Just the normal price of one of this font families is more expensive than the whole bundle. Now you can get 9 beautiful families for $37 (almost 90% off). Even you can take the webfont version for extra bucks.

Get it here:

CHicago Magazine

Recently designed some marijuana retail boxes for an editorial piece on the rising industry. Done in collaboration with Taylor Castle

- via m-cquade

Broadcast Design for Mnet Wide Ent. News

from Graphic Surgeon EH

SHOWREEL 2014 - Rafael Varona


Call Me Frankenstein by Oliver Gareis

"A traditional project i started half a year ago. I took an old motorcycle helmet with red as basic color. Applied white as primary color, took the visor and painted it gold. After that i started to paint Venom’s mouth with eddings, added some parts of frankenstein’s history to create a helmet you will never forget." - Oliver

  • Worktime: 53 Hours
  • Tools: Acrylic paint, eddings
  • Model: Hannah Winkler

Elijah Blake

"Give Me U" prod. by Purity Ring’s Corrin Roddick